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[dropping post! Sorry it's late] [Jul. 23rd, 2007|07:26 pm]
[Note left on Kubota and Tokitoh's bed]


I had been sitting and thinking, when I suddenly realized that the chocolate-watermelon bubblegum, that I had gone out for that time... it had also been stocked in the second-nearest convenience store. So, I've gone to get it.

If I'm not back soon, please bring a wii with you when you follow.

- K
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(no subject) [Aug. 19th, 2006|10:31 pm]
All the Wild Adapter fics I've written!

Thank god there's less of these.

I STILL write too much though.Collapse )
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Permissions meme! [Jul. 17th, 2006|05:17 pm]
Name: Kubota Makoto
Age: 17
Height: ... I forget, but WELL over six feet.
Eyes: Varies depending on illustration; usually a blue or violet dark enough to look black in most lights.
Hair: Brown

Medical Info: Kubota is very healthy despite being a chain smoker. He is, in fact, in the best of health and quite physically advanced for his age.

Physical Traits: Kubota is a big guy for 17, particularly for his nationality. He's got shoulders out to here despite being fairly lanky, has a strongly muscular chest, and tends to loom over everyone around him. That said, he's also very quiet and nonassuming. His eyesight is terrible, and he usually wears glasses to correct it.

What's Okay to Mention: Kubota is okay about just about anything being mentioned about HIM, though he won't usually bring it up, nor is he particularly vocal in discussing things. He is NOT okay with just anything being brought up about Tokitoh, however.

Notes For the Psychics: Kubota is a normal human, but suffers from severe mental defects -- lack of emotional affect is probably the biggest one, dependance, total focus but shortened, disjoint thoughts. Is not exactly sane, but is calm and controlled.

Abilities: Kubota is physically very, very capable. Armed with a single gun, he took out twelve high-ranking yakuza members and came away unharmed. With a broken arm and his glasses missing, he held his own in a fight while severely outnumbered for a rather extended period (though eventually he took a hit to the back of the head/neck. I note he got up after, though, and was capable of fighting alongside Tokitoh, as well as running off). No psychic powers or anything, but he is someone you want on your side in a fight.

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: Sure! I don't think he'd be particularly alarmed. Could be fun!

Hugging/Kissing: Sure, though he'll probably totally seem not to notice and just be like "Hmm, was there something in my teeth?"

Fighting: Yes! However, Kubota doesn't tend to fight to wound, so make sure our permission memes are compatable in this. Kubota is one hell of a marksman, so with an armed battle, he'll shoot to kill. In an unarmed one, it'll be more of a balanecd, fight-fight thing.

Killing: You can do it, but please, please ask first, because Kubota is deeply tied to another character who is known to have psychotic episodes and kill people while freaking out and screaming, so yanno.

Cooking: He ... CAN do it. If you really like instant curry. Which he does! But. XD
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2006|04:05 pm]
Haru's Play Quirks

Where can you find me? 99% of the time, if you send me an email to harukami[at]gmail[dot]com, I will get it within twenty minutes. Usually within a FEW minutes. The only time I WON'T is if my email or internet is inexplicably down or the power's out (rare, has pretty much not lasted longer than a few hours if so) or if I am doing this rare and mysterious "sleep" thing, at which point I'll get your email within ten minutes of waking up. So probably about four to eight hours after you send it. I am also totally fine being left comments in any of my RP journals' entries or in my normal journal (harukami) and get those with about the same speed. I am NOT generally okay with sharing my AIM openly, not because I don't want to talk with you but because if I'm on AIM, I'm usually talking with four or five people and juggling another window gives me a headache. That said, some of you may have it, or I may have given it to you; if you DO have it, feel free to IM me even if I don't seem to be online, since I'm also lurking in invisible mode pretty much always, and I'm generally quite happy to talk. I can also be found on IRC, usually under 'Marluxia', 'Umeda', 'Hakkai', or 'Kubota', since I usually pick whatever nick I find easiest to interact in right then. (I know, I know, weird.)

When can you find me? ....I'd be glib and say always, but. XD I am usually either at the computer, or in the near vacinity of the computer and able to use it starting from somewhere between 1 pm EST-3 pm EST, and am around or on until between 4 am EST to 8 am EST. If I am up past 7 am please yell at me to go to bed. ...I'll work that number back to 4 am regularly again soon I swear. Anyway, I pretty much sleep from 5/6 to noon/two on a regular basis, so don't expect me around that time. Any other time I'm generally around, though I may have gone out to hang with friends or whatever.

Contact me? YES. Even if I'm on semi-hiatus with a friend over, if you want me for a thread, PLEASE contact me -- because I'd probably want to play but am just not refreshing my friendslist to see the post, or haven't noticed the thread, or whatever. If I'm not up for something, I'll tell you, it's cool. :) Contact me any time, over ANYTHING.

Dropped Threads? I try not to do this, honestly. If I make a post, I try to drive every thread either until the conversation seems to end or until the other person stops replying. In OTHER people's posts, I'm far more likely to miss a notification and/or forget to reply, so feel free to poke me. If I DO drop your thread, it's because a) I feel the conversation's ended, or b) I got called out/distracted and forgot. Again, poke me if you want more! I may say no (see: being distracted) but usually I'll be glad to. In the case of a "continue next day" scnario, I may need poking again, because I can get pretty forgetful when I've actually managed to sleep a little.

Patterns of play -- don't you love [character X] anymore? I can guarantee that if I haven't dropped them, I still love them and want to play them. My patterns of who I want to play at any given time goes in waves. For example, Umeda! I got him in as the one I planned to keep on the back burner, and for a long time ,he WAS that. He rarely posted, he threaded now and then, he was THERE but not overwhelmingly active. And then, some time later and for some reason, for a period of about a month, I wanted to play him all the time. SO I did! Eventually, that faded and I wanted to play Hakkai more agian, so I did that! Usually, the patterns you'll see will go something like this:
* Haru gets a new character in, and she plays that character really actively for a period of a few weeks
* Character goes on back burner while Haru picks up one she'd played less during that period
* Haru cycles through preferences vaguely for a while, then REALLY WANTS TO PLAY THAT CHARACTER ALL THE TIME AGAIN.
I've done it with Umeda and Hakkai; Kubota's quiet enough I haven't quite with him yet but I expect to; Marluxia's new enough I can't tell yet, but it happened with some of my old ones too.
My current order of 'I want to play them right now!' is 1) Marluxia (new), 2) Umeda (RANDOMLY IN THE MOOD), and 3/4) Hakkai and Kubota (tied). I still WANT to play them all, and will when I see relevant bits, and the cycle will chagne soon enough, but that's the current standings.
If you want to play with a certain character, just ask. I may say no, being either too busy or not in the mindset to play them right (given that I tend to play crazies, I think that's valid XD) ... but I'll probably say yes. :)

My biggest problem? - Laziness. I am honestly terribly lazy at times, and this is why I ask you poke me when you see me if you want to play. I won't mind, and it'll stop me from doing the "Ahh, I'll comment in a bit./ Ah, I'll post later" -- FIVE HOURS LATER... thing. I promise, it's cool.

Anything else? - If you want to see anything OOC -- a character essay or whatever! Feel free to ask. I love rambling about my characters, because I love all four of them very, very much, and I'm always up for rambling on a certain topic. I love to essay! And I swear I will not bite your head off.

Are you sure you won't bite my head off? Absolutely. I am not by nature an angry person; I'm pretty easy-going. I'M CHILL IT'S GOOD. I can get irritable if someone's pushing past the time I've asked them to stop, but most of the time I'm sort of "Hahhhhhokay!" about things. I CAN get genuinely angry, but it is very, very rare, and I would be seriously surprised if you saw it aimed at you more than once. And even then, I don't tend to hold grudges. I don't think I've felt hate towards anyone here. Frustration, sure -- who doesn't, sometimes? but I get over that and even if we've had differences, I'm chill with chatting with you or being poked for RP or essays or anything. Don't be shy; I swear I'm cool about these things. ♥
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"Meme goes here" meme. [Jun. 8th, 2006|06:56 pm]
Talk to me.

Ask any questions about any of my characters, current or dropped! Ask me my motivations! Ask me why I picked my keywords! Ask me about my canon if you want! Ask me my opinions! Scream about how canon they are in dice 33! Crit! Tell me what you think of my characters, or that whole 'if you don't know my canon, what's your impression of them!' Comment on my icons! What do you want to do with me sometime! Make something up, even! Pick one! Do 'em all! Select via random method! DO WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE! :D

Whatever! If you want to: Goes here!

ETA: Ah, I should mention. Current characters are Kubota [lovelykubota], Hakkai [_diesmiling_], and Umeda [always_on_call]. Dropped characters were Mello [dial_m_4_murder], Phibrezo [mamas_boy], Haruka [acting_gorgeous], and Mayura [a_mystery_girl].
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WA canon explanation, and pimpin'. [May. 19th, 2006|05:43 pm]

...Because. You know. I haven't rambled about THIS canon much.

And also.

... Yeah.


...Let's start with the one I didn't app from.

AraisoCollapse )

Wild Adapter - Summary, backstory, etcCollapse )

Wild Adapter - Kubota and Tokitoh's personalities and 'relationship', my view thereofCollapse )

Wild Adapter - tangent: How Kubota Talks and What This Means For RPCollapse )

Kubota in CampCollapse )


ANYWAY ENJOY IT'S FUN I liked writing all this annnnd. So. If you have any questions about W.A., Araiso, how I'm playing Kubota, Kubota's favourite hobbies, things he does when he thinks he's alone, etc etc, feel free to do it here? I mean, I already posted the question meme elsewhere, but I did it without actually posting a canon writeup/pimp post like this.

...So how come I can't write 5000-word essays for SCHOOL in TWO HOURS, but I can for FANDOM? Bah.
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[CFUW 22, locked to Il Palazzo] [May. 15th, 2006|02:40 am]
Il Palazzo, is it? Hello~.
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[CFUW 22, locked to Ash] [May. 15th, 2006|02:34 am]
Ash-kun? Hello~.
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[CFUW 22, locked to Father Walker] [May. 13th, 2006|12:50 pm]
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2006|02:34 am]
Oh, all right.

Drabble meme.

I'll right just about anything, but with school it's been impossible for me to follow every character, so I may ask for a different request if I'm not confident of my ability to write them~.
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